December 23 2013

Erection pills could be of help during a relationship. However, there are plenty of simple tips and tricks that could also make a big difference. Below we have listed some tips and tricks that may help you and your partner during sex. No fifty shades of grey, but five tips for better sex. 

1. Listening to each other

IIn many relationships, talking about sex is a taboo. However, listening and talking are vital in any relationship. Listen sincerely to your partner and feel free to talk about sex. Expressing each other's feelings can perform miracles.

2. Give compliments

Receiving compliments, we all want them! This makes you feel more confident. Therefore, giving compliments like, 'I want you, Now!' will boost your partner’s confidence. If you experience difficulty giving comments like these, then a glass wine or beer might help. 


3. Sensual Massage

A massage is always a good starting point for an intense night. A sensual massage is very arousing while also relaxing at the same time. It is important to have the perfect ambience when giving a massage. So, find suitable music and dim the lights. Candles will work perfectly. Another good trick is to tune in to each other's breathing rhythm.

4. Sensual Strokes

Stroking could be very exciting, but you must first explore her or his most sensual spots. These spots vary per person, so go hunting for these spots. While stroking vary between using your fingers and tongue and don't just focus on one part of the body. This will increase the sensitivity.

5. Quicky

Just do it! Wherever and whenever you like. Forget all the other steps and go directly to a short and intense lovemaking.