November 13 2013

Most men see him every single day... but did you know...

1. A penis started as a clitoris?

In the warm and familiar environment of the womb, at we were all equal and have been a clitoris. In the course of time, with boys, that develops in a penis.

2. Unborn babies may already have an erection.

3. The precursors of Viagra were crushed animal testicles.

Before the advent of Viagra, there were many rumours about erectile stimulants. Mostly, crushed animal’s testicles were extremely popular, particularly those of monkeys.


4. Men with large testicles are less loyal to women than men with small testicles. (At least an American study has shown).

5. Semen contains zero to little calories.

6. Also a penis can break. Not only during rough sex, but also falling out of bed with an erection could cause a penis to fracture.

7. The thickest penis ever measured has a circumference of 34.39 cm.